Construction Framework Conference
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Practitioners and Providers Together

Join the people who manage frameworks, the contractors who carry out the construction projects and those who provide services, including main contractors, consultants, supply chain, product manufacturers, and community organisations.

The Construction Frameworks Conference explores issues relating to both public and privte sector framework implementation, including:

  • What will the next generation of frameworks look like?
  • What will contractors and clients need to do to get ready?
  • How effective are frameworks in delivering savings in construction costs?
  • Can frameworks deliver efficiency savings and wider social objectives?
  • What competencies do clients need to maximise the benefit of frameworks?
  • Can frameworks increase the value of work for SMEs and local labour?

London 2018

Planning for CFC18 in London is under way. Please enquire using the contact form below, including submissions of potential topics and speakers.

The Impact of Frameworks on Construction

Every year in the UK billions of pounds are spent through construction frameworks on projects such as schools, hospitals, housing, supermarkets, nuclear facilities, prisons and defence estates, and delivering vital infrastructure including rail, highways and waterways.

The UK Government Construction Strategy recommended that frameworks should be the preferred procurement route for delivering construction procurement models.

For contractors, consultants and the wider supply chain frameworks provide the opportunity to secure the long term work streams that are vital to long term business planning and growth.

Framework Managers

Explore the implementation of successful construction frameworks, highlighting how resource efficiency can impact project cost and time reduction, and what can be expected from contractors.

Employment and skills experts will share best practice and methodologies that are improving communities through the potential for added value in framework agreements.

Framework Contractors

Examine preparedness measures that framework contractors, consultants, subcontractors, manufacturers and other suppliers should be aware of.

Additionally, routes to market, and the expectations of practitioners, clients and advisers working on Framework Agreements will be discussed to highlight ways of increasing value for potential clients, including collaboration through integrated supply chains and partnering. 

Employment and skills factors are essential in most projects so conference will place specific enphasis on how this can be delivered while giving a competitive advantage to the teams who embrace the potential.

Subcontractors and Suppliers

Main contractors already appointed to frameworks need a secure and reliable supply chain that assist them in delivering high level client objectives.

Tradtional priorities such as pruce and quality are no longer enough to ensure that contracts are won. Main contractors increasingly rely on their subcontractors, suppliers, and manufacturers to deliver client Key Performance Indicators.

Find out how to adjust your working practices so that your business is fully enabled to take advantage of existing and upcoming frameworks and the long tail of demand that they create. 


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