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The Framework Conference

Practitioners and Providers together

Upcoming conference date and venue to be announced shortly.

The Framework Conference addresses topical issues in the construction frameworks which account for billions of annual real estate procurement in both the public sector and private sector in the United Kingdom.

Join the people who manage frameworks, the contractors who carry out the construction projects and those who provide services, including main contractors, consultants, supply chain, product manufacturers, and community organisations.

For Practitioners

Conference will explore the implementation of successful construction frameworks, highlighting how resource efficiency can impact project cost and time reduction, and what can be expected from contractors.

Employment and skills experts will share best practice and methodologies that are improving communities through the potential for added value in framework agreements.

For Providers

Conference will examine preparedness measures that contractors, consultants, subcontractors, manufacturers and other suppliers should be aware of.

Additionally, routes to market, and the expectations of practitioners, clients and advisers working on Framework Agreements will be discussed to highlight ways of increasing value for potential clients.